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12/2019 - 10th Edition


Dear customers,

Christmas is just around the corner.
Have you already written your wish list? Don't forget your quality control - only a cutting-edge QC management system will ensure communication of your product quality objectively, transparently and efficiently with your entire supply chain.
In 2020 new innovative products from BYK-Gardner will be introduced to provide objective measurement results with the highest accuracy for even the most critical requirements.
Together with BYK Instruments, you are ready for the next decade.
With this in mind we wish you and your family relaxing holidays to fully recharge for the challenges of 2020.

Your BYK-Gardner Team


Our family of portable color instruments is growing:

  • Mobile color control for on-site needs with NEW spectro2go.
  • Objective color control and guide for color stability with spectro2guide.
  • Color control at the highest level with NEW spectro2guide pro. Even deepest shadows of black can be differentiated.
haze-gard i pro: Crystal Clear View
BYK-mac i pro: QC of anodized surfaces

Drop-resistent, scratch-resistant and excellent readability are typical requirements for mobile phone cover glass.
haze-gard i pro allows objective control of haze < 3% with an unbelievable R&R = +/- 0.01%.

The surface finish of anodized products is influenced by its sandblasting and anodizing process. Multi-angle color measurement, Graininess and NEW SparkleANO index objectively evaluate process variations.


NEW BYK-Instruments Special 2020:
Order within 3 months of product launch and receive 10% discount.

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The NEW "BYK-Expert-Service" allows you to combine your product expertise with our expert knowledge of color and appearance control.

We have supported global accounts in various industries to introduce a quality management system (QMS): Paint makers – automotive – aircraft – transportation – construction equipment – furniture – appliances – consumer electronics – cosmetic

We have experience in developing
  • customer specific color equations with color specific tolerances
  • appearance scales based on visual correlation studies
  • setting up standardized sampling procedures
  • easy-to-understand data reports

We have managed the global rollout of a standardized QMS for plants and suppliers around the world with local BYK experts.

Seamless communication across the entire supply chain.

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By Kai Kupferschmidt [1,2]

The favorite color of most people, however hardly common among animals and plants. It is very difficult to produce artificially. Consequently, scientists are eagerly working on creating new blue pigments.

Part 2:
The Impossible Flower
Since romanticism the blue flower has been a symbol for longing and the unreachable. No matter what has been tried, the perfect blue flower is still far away.

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