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04/2019 - 7th Edition


Dear valued customer,

Just in time for the awakening of spring – BYK-Gardner is introducing new products and services, which will not only keep you up-to-date, but ahead in your quality control tasks. What’s more, we invite you to our BYK egg hunt to introduce even more of our latest innovations – Don’t miss this fun!

Take a few minutes and let us surprise you.

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Do you always have the right tool at hand?

In situations where dry film thickness and dew point measurement are needed, the new byko-test makes it easier. The 2 in 1 gage delivers accurate and repeatable measurement of dry film thickness on Fe and NFe substrates and measures humidity, temperature, and dew point of the environment. While the new byko-test is especially aimed for coaters of exterior structures, like marine and protective coaters, there will also be a Lite version with reliable and accurate film thickness measurement only.

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The BYK-bunny has hidden 3 eggs on the BYK-Gardner Website! We will give away an Apple Watch Series 4 to 3 lucky winners that are able to find them!

The BYK-hunt will start on Wednesday, April 10th and end on Tuesday, April 30th. Follow the BYK-bunny on our Website – he will point you in the right direction.

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BYK-Gardner offers a variety of seminars to deepen your knowledge in color & appearance measurement as well as testing physical properties of coatings. Today we want to highlight our special offer for in-house seminars tailored to your specific application and measurement needs – No travel time and guaranteed cost savings.

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Experience our new spectro2guide - the revolution in color measurement.
The new video explains and illustrates the unique measurement technology with its key benefits in an easy and comprehensive way.

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essential story

Thank you for 50,000 micro-gloss
BYK-Gardner celebrated the production of the 50,000th unit of their well known 2nd generation micro-gloss family. This is a joyful event to thank you all, dear customers, for your trust and confidence in our quality! 

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Young flamingos are born with a white downy plumage. Over time, the white color turns into pink. On their daily menu you will find seaweed and lots of small crustaceans containing the color pigment carotenoid. Exactly that pigment can be found in their plumage.

Babies are not known for their appetite for seaweed - but what exactly do they have in common with flamingos?  

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