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06/2018 - 5th Edition

Dear valued customer 

'The “White Nights of St Petersburg” is a very special event in the middle of the year. In the same manner, we are presenting our new catalog “all in white”, loaded with new unique products and applications for your quality control needs.

Please continue scrolling to not miss the special introductory price of the new spectro2guide - find out more about standardizing visual and instrumental color control - the meaning of “White Nights around the world”.

Your BYK-Gardner Team!


Known as the reference guide for test methods of coatings and plastics: The latest measuring methods for typical applications and how-to-use pictures including references to international standards – compact and prepared for easy digestion. This catalog should not be missing in your laboratory!

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Our vision has always been to create a high tech color instrument to guarantee a top performance, but at the same time follow our customers’ wish to “Keep it Simple”. By “thinking out of the box” we combined a spectrophotometer with a fluorimeter to not only control color harmony, but also predict color stability – a complete novelty.
Find out more about the next generation in color measurement.

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NEW Video


The essentials of gloss control

Learn the basic functions like selecting gloss geometries, performing a measurement, or saving the measured data in less than 2 minutes.

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NEW End Use Brochure


QC Solutions for Coatings

Coatings are fascinating. Not much thicker than a human hair, they combine a variety of functions to protect the product and to retain a long lasting good look. The new end-use brochure, covers in an appealing way the various aspects of paint testing with practical examples of the various coating applications. 

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Patchwork might be good for quilts, but is certainly not appreciated on a brand new refrigerator in our home. Whether a multi-component product is white, black or colorful harmony under different light sources is crucial for your product quality. How can you ensure that your color always matches visually by using objective measurement results?

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During the midsummer nights there is a special feeling in St Petersburg

"It was a wonderful night, such a night might only occur when we are young, dear reader“ – the beginning of Dostojewski’s novel. During the White Nights the sun disappears only for a brief moment behind the horizon and it does not get really dark. A very special time in St Petersburg, but also in other countries around the world “White Nights” are celebrated in many different ways.

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